Kintra Foods Fennel Fusion

A unique and aromatic blend to cleanse the body and soothe the digestive system
Caffeine Free  |  Lactose Free  |  Gluten Free  |  Preservative Free  |  100% Natural

Take time out from your busy day to enjoy a cup of Kintra Fennel Fusion tea and feel your worries slip away.

Kintra Fennel Fusion tea features a unique combination of fennel to create an enticing, relaxing brew. It’s distinctive aniseed flavour makes a refreshing cuppa that can cleanse and soothe the body. Perhaps best known for its culinary uses, fennel has also been widely used throughout the ages for medicinal purposes, with many claiming it can assist with digestion, metabolism and detoxification. Enjoy Kintra Fennel Fusion as a digestive aid after meals or just as a relaxing and refreshing caffeine free beverage throughout the day.

Kintra Foods Fennel Fusion Tea
is sold in convenient packs of 25 filter bags (65g).

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Fennel Seed, Fennel Oil.

Aussie Owned & Made
Kintra Foods Calm & Relax Tea