Kintra Foods Sleepy Tea

Relax & unwind with this calming blend of organic camomile, spearmint & lemongrass.
Caffeine Free  |  Lactose Free  |  Gluten Free  |  Preservative Free  |  100% Natural

Take time out from your busy day to enjoy a cup of Kintra Sleepy tea and feel your worries slip away.

Kintra Sleepy is a perfectly blended herbal tea that creates a mouth watering lullaby tosoothe your senses. Our carefully selected ingredients have been used for centuries to aid in sleep and relaxation. Organic Camomile, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Linden Flowers, Passion Flower, Hops Flowers, Hawthorn and Red Rose Petal harmoniously blend to create a delicate flavour and soothing aroma that allows you to relax and unwind naturally. This calming tea is the perfect precursor to a good night’s rest.

Kintra Foods Sleepy Tea
is sold in convenient packs of 25 filter bags (50g).

Kintra Foods Calm & Relax Tea